Effortlessly capture the small moments in your life and share them in an instant with your friends and family around the world.



Share on Taptalk the small moments in your life with the people that matter to you. Discover what your friends and family are up to, the random and the amazing events in their lives, and the things that they have on their mind. 

"Taptalk is, dare I say, cooler than Snapchat."

Your Favorite People On Speed Dial 👫👬👭

With Taptalk you've got your closest friends and family on speed dial for instant photo and video messages. Your best friends are literally just a tap away. 🙌

Share Instantly

With Just One Tap 👆

Whenever you want to share a small moment or message with a friend, all you have to do is just tap their profile photo. Just a quick tap sends them a photo, and a long press sends them a video. It's that simple. Even a puppy could do it.  🐶

With Taptalk, you get to see not just what your friends are up to but also where they are in the world. And, you'll know that every photo or video that you receive is uniquely made by your friends for you. With an amazing Taptalk, you'll feel like you're actually with them. 👏

Be There  Even 

When You Can't 📍

Every Taptalk is encrypted so that only you can view a Taptalk a friend has sent to you. No one else. And as soon as you view your Taptalk, it's deleted. Forever. Everywhere. So just be yourself and take some risks.  You never know what might happen. 😂 

Everything Is Deleted

So Just Be Yourself 😜

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